this is such a new and interesting compound that was discovered in 2012. since then its had a bunch of research around it. from the performance enhancing benefits of it down to how it interacts with cancer tumors. there are multiple different studies on different types of cancer where it has been benefitcial (lunge cancer,

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you’ve probably heard of YK11 and how it can increase follistatin which in turns lowers myostatin. why that is so benefitcial? myostatin is the body’s natural limiting factor to putting on muscle. in that way it is different than all the other SARMs that you have probably heard of. which have a different mechanism of

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there have been a couple areas that i have been focusing on developing over the last year or so with chest being one of them. i think we probably have all seen a 30 day challenge on instagram or something like that to lose weight. i figured why not try this framework in building my

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have you ever had questions about your research process with sarms or other compounds? every week i do a Q&A over on instagram for short form questions on tues with the questions answer on weds. then we do a longer form discussion about the questions on youtube. if you have questions about your research come

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if you are researching with different compounds and dont want to deal with going to a doctor and taking the time out of your day or the judgement from the doctor for the way you choose to live your life. i’ve found a solution to gettting your blood work done at home through a company

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CONTENTS.  For your research needs sources – ostarine and other research products In this article, you will get to know about.   What is ostarine?  Mechanism of action   Approval and clinical trials   Uses and effects  Bodybuilding/Fitness community’s view  Potential side effects  Hi-tech pharmaceuticals’ comments  Takeaway  Bibliography  WHAT IS OSTARINE?  OSTARINE, also known as ENOBOSARM, GTx-024, MK-2866, is an investigational selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) developed by a pharmaceutical

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there’s 3 major risks areas with any type of cycle that can be reduced through a little strategy when implementing cycle design. reducing these 3 systematic risks, reduces all other side effects associated with compounds. what are they, cycle length, cycle dosing, and using 1 or multiple compounds. its fairly simple, what increases risks more?

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