Fellow researchers: sources Steroids/Prohormone and other gear and over the counter supplements can cause kidney issues!Kidney disease is the number 9 greatest killer of Americans! Yes, kidney disease makes the top 10 list for ways that people die in America.The most common problems that kidney disease can cause: Heart disease Heart attack and stroke High

Gear (testosterone/prohormones) – Kidney Disease = 9th DEADLIEST killer in the United States!Read More »

Cabergoline: SARMIFY Discount code: Sam10 Have you been researching with one of the following?- Tren- Deca- NPP- MK677- high levels of estrogen just from TRT?These can all cause increases in prolactin levels.Elevated prolactin can cause the following.– decrease in testosterone, LH and FSH- loss/decrease in sex drive, ability to get hard and cum- gyno – man boobsdopamine

Tren, Deca NPP or MK-677 – increases prolactin = decrease in SEX drive – how to fix?Read More »

research study on a group of men using ligandrol (LGD-4033).super interesting results.76 mens over the course of 3 weeks with daily administration orally. 0.1/mg, 0.3/mg and 1.0/mgDosing for the research was tiny compared to what most researchers in the real world use but still a great starting point to get an understand of its effects.Blood

Lets talk SARM – Ligandrol (LGD-4033) – new research human trails – gained over 2.5lbs in 3 wksRead More »

have you heard of the sarms control act? we can do something about this!did you know that Senator Orrin Hatch put forth this piece of legislation?well i dug in a little deep.according to the mandatory reporting for donations by the Federal Election Commission.guess who donated over $500,000 to mr Hatch?you guessed it big phrama.so what

SARMs going to be illegal? what happens next? – the real story might piss you off a bitRead More »