TB500 is exactly the same thing as thymosin beta 4. Similar to how testosterone injections are bioidentical to the testosterone our body produces. As I was researching for this TB500 reminds me of BPC-157 in its affects to a great extent with some differences in affects as well as how it actually works within the

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4-Andro can help increase strength, muscle size, sex drive and one over sense of well being. 4-andro converts to testosterone through a two step process that I’ll touch a bit more on in a moment. 4-andro is also sometimes called 4-DHEA. DHEA is converted to another hormone first before getting converted into testosterone. Side note

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my lipid panel from my blood work. cholesterol is the leading factor for heart disease which is the number 1 killer in the US according the CDC.– for context on TRT for about 18 months, puts me in high normal range – SARMs and peptides regularly research over last 18 monthsMy HDL is lower and

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