I’ve been researching with SARMs since 2013. I’ve got a couple youtube channels (here and here), where I’ve talked about sarms and what other PEDs i’m using. i’ve also been telling my story on instagram and tiktok (tiktok is amazing!). i’m not telling you that to brag, i’m telling you because i once had the same question. where can i buy great quality SARMs. over those 7 years i’ve watched so many companies come and go as the industry has changed and i am regularly updating the companies that i purchase from and testing new companies out to see how legitimate they actually are. these companies below i personally trust for my own research.

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each source here has its own benefits in my eyes and reasons for why i like them. Swisschems is super interesting because they HPLC tested for purity and lots of awesome peptides and 10 packs for vials, when combined with a discount code the prices are amazing. this was literally the reason i started purchasing from them.

if you asked me if i could only order from one company going forward – which company would i pick? my first thoughts would be to go with behemoth, not only do they have some many awesome different products to research with, they also have injectable sarms which has been my current interest lately.

if you want a “research pre workout” this is the only company in this list that has a research pre workout. i’ve done several videos about it or mentioned in many different pieces of content. they have a DMAA & DMHA pre workout call split! i love it, for the cognitive boosting effects stacked with a little THC before lifting for the focus and i love it. this is also the company that i have been purchasing from the longest out of all these companies.

pure rawz is only of the OGs in the industry! they’ve got everything from the basics in terms of sarms and peptides. but also all the strange peptides and awesome research compounds not related to bodybuilding but still very interesting tools to have access to when the appropriate time comes around. they even have mushroom (idk if they are magic, havent looked into them), kratom strains and everything else. its like the amazon of research products. unlike a couple of the companies above, they dont have injectable sarms (yet) and they dont have 10 vial kits (maybe that’ll change). they do have 10 vial kits of HGH which come with freese dried ice and everything you need! super awesome!

they also currently take credit cards – which is amazing because most companies do not.

i love this companies injectable SARMs! if you are reading this and you’ve been researching with gear/peptides or injectable SARMs you know what PIP is. for those who dont PIP is post injection pain, which can be cause for a variety of different reasons. its super not comfortable, one time i took a shot right before going on vacation to panama with my gf my pip was so incredibly painful that my entire tricep (thats where i injected) was swollen and i couldnt flex my arm at all or even lift it over my head on vacation. the point is – try to avoid it! and SARMIFY has the smoothest injectable sarms, i love them!

i had something that had incredibly – think i might have had an allergic reaction
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this is the newest on this list of companies. i had been hearing about this company for a while from the hundreds of questions and comments i get across social. i didnt think much of it at first because i get questions about all sorts of companies that i’ve never heard of before. then i started hearing about them through someone i was closer with that i talked to regularly. now they were at least mentally on my radar even though i still didnt take any actions. then i continued to get questions, DM and comments about them and finally decided to look into them and check them out. I am loving what they are doing, they are taking a different approach than any other company i’ve checked out. their bottles are different than any other companies i’ve seen in my 7 years of researching with SARMs. ofcourse they are HPLC testing, they ship internationally and they take credit cards for payments. they even offer free shipping on orders over $150 for USA orders and free shipping for international orders over $275.

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HPLC tested flavored SARMs and related products.


Source for Modafinil if its legal in the location you reside in.

Legal testosterone sources online from a doctor.

Mention discount code “energy” to get $45 off 5 of your first 6 months of treatment. Testosterone Source or call 800-625-3837 and mention discount code “energy

I created this video to explain the process of how it all works.


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